About my Teaching

I find teaching to be very rewarding; I am passionate about teaching Mathematics and helping pupils improve their understanding. My continued study and has given me a broad knowledge of Mathematics, how it is used, and how it is taught. I believe everyone is different and learns differently, so I adapt to what works for my pupils. I think it is important to be comfortable with a topic before moving to a new one and to know how topics connects to each other.

I completed my PGCE at Newcastle University under an Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarship.

Other Teaching Experience

PGCE placements: St Mary's Catholic School, PGCE Long Placement; Gosforth Academy, PGCE Diagnostic Placement; Bede Burn Primary School, Primary School Teaching Observation; Hebburn Comprehensive School, Secondary School Teaching Observation.

Tuition: MathsAid at Newcastle University, 2014 - 2017.
MathsAid is a drop-in centre for undergraduates to obtain help with mathematical problems that arise during their studies. Students can also obtain help to prepare for numerical tests that are part of an employment application.

Private Tuition: I have provided tuition for GCSE, A-level and Degree-level Mathematics, including the mathematical content for subjects such as Engineering and Psychology.

Tutorials: Statistical Methods at Newcastle University.
This module is aimed at non-Mathematics students who require Statistics in their degree. The tutorials involve solving statistical problems using Minitab.

Marking at Newcastle University: Number systems, The Foundations of Calculus, Enumeration and Combinatorics, Introduction to Calculus, Complex Analysis.